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Questions to ask a guy to make him like you I Am Seeking Couples

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Questions to ask a guy to make him like you

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Before I show you the 5 deep questions to ask someone you like to make them fall in afult dating with you, you first need to understand a key concept in the field of psychology. Everyone has what is known as a " Lovemap ".

Everyone's Lovemap is unique to each individual. For example, the particular traits you will find attractive in a member of the opposite sex is as a direct result of your particular psychological makeup In order to make someone fall in love with youyou need to uncover the unique way their personal Lovemap is made up, and then match yourself to it.

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In this article, Questjons want to show one particularly useful method for uncovering some core aspects of the Lovemap of the person you like using deep questions to ask the person. Here's how But you can get the person to talk about their Lovemap in an indirect manner, all without them even realizing what they are doing.

And this is one of likke most powerful methods for quick relationship building with that person. The way we can do this is by slipping questions into a conversation that are likely to elicit responses that will tell us more about that person's upbringing, past experiences, values and beliefs. I'm adding a 6th question here which I call the magic wizard method.

Anything at all.

What would it be? As you can see, this is a pretty deep question to ask someone you like and could potentially lead.

When you apply the information gathered from these questions, you will be building a direct connection in that person mind between things which are close to their heart… and you. This will directly lead to a conversation where they will essentially be talking about a thing or things from their past which they wish they had. What you will be doing vuy, in effect, uncovering an unmet need.

And one of the best ways to match a person's Lovemap is to satisfy an unmet need in that person's life. We are all conditioned to appear normal in society.

If they once gave all the quwstions they had to a homeless mother and child, it might show that this person is willing to suffer for the good of others and subconsciously she would feel a connection with others who would have a similar mindset.

This is a sure-fire question to get the ball rolling and get a woman to start talking about.

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She might not volunteer any particularly useful information at first, but she will definitely have something to talk about — and getting her to reveal info about herself should give you some guh clues as to how to proceed to uncover her Lovemap. This question gets her to reveal what exactly turns her on and makes her excited. This allows you to know what gu particular strengths are in this person's mind which you can then use to develop further to your advantage.

Watch The Video: The Best Questions To Ask A Guy (And Why They Work So Well) . How to Talk to a Guy and Make Him Like You · Break The Ice: How to Talk. 4. What do you expect from a love relationship? Still confused about what to ask a guy? Ask him this! Not everyone has the same idea about relationships. By now, you may have engaged in flirty conversation with your guy crush, as well as a few deep conversations about life. Great the only problem is that he.

This article was originally published at Relationship Psychology. Reprinted with permission from the author. Follow Us.

Sign in. John Alex Clark. Love May 9, These work like a charm!

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